No1 Plus Eyelash Extension Adhesive by Star Lashes World (10ml)

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No1 Plus is our best selling adhesive as it is suitable for all humidities, all skill levels and can be used in any lash services (classic, volume, pre made and pro made).

- Very strong hold
- Works in a wide range of rH between 10-90%
- Works well in a temperature range between 18 and 24 degrees celsius
- Sets in 1 second
- Up to 8 week retention
- Thin viscosity
- Low fume level
- Latex and formaldehyde free
- Black finish

(5 ml)

Directions for Use: Minimal glue is needed to create a secure, strong bond to natural lash. Dip only 1mm of lash base in glue and apply to isolated eyelash, 0.2 away from the lash line.

Directions for Storage: Ideally store at temperatures between 2 and 20 degrees Celcius in an airtight container, in either dry rice or in silica gel packs. Ensure that glues are shaken vigorously for 3 minutes prior to use.

*Please note, not to leave on mailbox at intense warmth or intense cold.

No exchange or refund on adhesives.

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